Why are the 1000 steps so popular?

As I did my second lap today I couldn’t help but wonder. 

Is it the amazing scenery? The stillness? The chance to be outdoors? The fitness challenge? 

Judging by the amount of chatter, running, headphone wearing, puffing and panting hikers then it’s probably more than that. 

Is it the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of those amazing men who were on the Kokoda track? Possibly. 

Our grandparents, great grand parents didn’t have our luxurious, decadent (??) life style. They didn’t have Master Chef, food photos on FB, a chance to complain about the weather, to be offended by what someone else said to us that hurt our feelings. They lived their lives everyday with true grit, determination, courage, tenacity and brave hearts. For a moment today I felt my DNA tingle at the challenge. I felt the threads of my heritage weave their way into my heart. 

I dug deep on my will-power, felt gratitude to those generations before me, thanked them for what I have, knowing that I have it because of them. It’s rewarding to feel the  true essence of who you are. To allow the true me to experience a few moments of life, embracing all that we are, all that we were and all that we can be – powerful 💕

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