White Ribbon

It’s taken 12 months and hundreds of hours for our team to meet our goal and raise $30,000 for White Ribbon. I am so grateful and proud to have this team around me and to everyone who has supported my fund-raising goal for White Ribbon.

The domestic violence statistics are dreadful. The statistics show the numbers behind the physical, sexual and emotional tragedy’s that happen to the victim’s, the perpetrator’s, their friends and their families, which of course includes the local and wider community.

One comment that I have heard time and time again over the last 12 months is that men are also victims. Yes, they are – there is no denying that, the statistics show that to be true. Ultimately all violence is wrong and it is NOT A COMPETITION. Change needs to start somewhere so creating change around the biggest problem can create a ripple effect.  If there was a road intersection that had a fatality every single week and another intersection that had a fatality once a month which intersection would you spend the money on to make it safe?

The money has been raised, trekking Larapinta starts in a few weeks. Moving forward we need to show more kindness to each other, be loving and understanding towards the victim’s. Allow the victims to speak freely and openly about what is going on, what has happened. Provide them with a non-judgemental safe place to talk so they can move forward and live a life without fear of violence.

Remember the White Ribbon oath but more importantly live it every single day.

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