What a woman!

This turned up at Tai Chi yesterday. Some of you may know the brand, some of you will know Audrey. In fact many of you will know Audrey as she used to own the wool shop in Cheltenham. Ahhhh – I hear you say! 
Audrey first started training with me back in September 2004. She was in her late 60’s and had never done any kind of planned exercise. She trusted me to be her trainer and I felt incredibly grateful to have her trust. I was inspired by her determination to do something positive for her health and fitness – not despite her age but because of her age. Almost 15 years later she has joined me for Tai Chi sessions. Once again I am filled with gratitude to have the trust of such an amazing woman. She is in her 80’s now and is still determined to try something new if it will make a positive change to her health and fitness. What a woman – courageous, determined, focused and so incredibly sweet and lovely. So blessed to have her back in my life

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