Have you ever fallen asleep on Public Transport? I am embarrassed to say that 20 years ago I fell asleep on a train. It was late at night and I had been out drinking. Plenty of good reasons, right?

During my Bus Driver Induction, I was with 6 different Bus Drivers. They all had stories to tell about passengers falling asleep on the bus, at night and mostly smelling of alcohol. I didn’t give it much thought as the Bus Drivers had been driving for years – so once a decade or so seemed feasible.

I am on an early shift – 5.38am to 9.38am Monday to Friday. My route takes me from Oakleigh Train Station to Boxhill via Monash, back to Monash, up to Boxhill again and back to Monash where the service terminates. At Monash I make sure I have no passengers on the bus, otherwise, they would end up going back to Box Hill or to the depot and I am Thoughtful, Considerate Bus Driver 😊

What a surprise then, that over the two months I have been doing this route I have had 2 “sleepers”!! At this rate, I am expecting another one any day now!

The first one was sitting up the back and her head had fallen forward – she was sound asleep. Of course, with social distancing, I didn’t want to get too close! I had to call out a few times to wake her. When she woke up, she just said “thanks” and got off… she wasn’t embarrassed.

The second one was sitting on the seat next to the back door. There’s a panel that separates the seat from the back door. She had her forehead resting on this divider – sound asleep. I knocked on the divider a few times to wake her up. Once again, when she woke up, she said “thanks” and got off. She didn’t seem embarrassed either…..there’s a pattern here!

Twenty-something years ago I just woke up. No one was around, no one woke me up. It got me thinking about how frequently this sleeping on Public Transport thing happens.

I’m driving for around 17 hours a week, weekday mornings. I can’t even begin to guess at how many buses there are on the road…..and I’ve had one a month. Then there are trams, trains, taxis – it must be 1000’s of people a week!!

I think it is time for me to let this embarrassment go!

Perhaps if there was snoring or drool it may have been different 😊

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