Thoughtful Considerate Bus Driver??

Seems it’s a thin line between Thoughtful, Considerate Bus Driver and Scary, Stalky Bus Driver!  This week I have had 3 incidents with passengers that have led me to feel that I am balancing precariously on that tight rope between the two!

On Tuesday I spotted Passenger Pink Straw on the other side of the road. There was a lot of traffic on Clayton Rd, so she was waiting to get across to the Bus Stop. I gave her a wave, pulled up at the Bus Stop and waited a couple of minutes for her. I have some time on this part of my route, so it seemed the right thing to do. When she got on the Bus she gave me a big smile and said thanks for waiting. I gave myself a pat on the back for being Thoughtful, Considerate Bus Driver. 

The next day I saw Passenger Long Hair running down a side street that connects to Clayton Rd. She often runs the last 20 metres to the Bus Stop but isn’t normally that far away. Obviously, I pulled up at the Bus Stop and waited for her. She was puffing as she got on the bus and thanked me for waiting. Another pat on the back to the Thoughtful, Considerate Bus Driver. 

Today I picked up Passenger Light Hair… He was the only passenger on the bus and as he likes to stand, he stood in the middle of the bus near the back door. We were one stop back from his usual stop when I heard the bell. I was a bit distracted as I knew it wasn’t his normal stop. He then called out that he had hit the button too soon as he can’t see very well in the fog. I replied that’s ok I know which stop you get off at… I looked in the mirror and saw his face. He was frightened…. like Scary, Stalky Bus Driver scared. I couldn’t say anything – Where could I go after that? I pulled up at his usual stop and he got off… he thanked me but there was also a nervous kind of look in his eyes!

Ooopppss! Crossed the line there, I guess! 

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