The Victorian Elevation award for 2017 has my name on it….

It was presented at our State Conference last weekend and I have done nothing with it…

It’s really a Most Improved Award. I won the Most Improved at Calisthenics when I was 15. In that year I had discovered exercise and realised that I could go without food. I had lost a lot of weight and was just incredibly ashamed by the award. 

Last year the business had dropped to an all time low. My self confidence and self worth was plummeting. I came back from our National Conference and realised that I had to tell myself a different story. So I did. 

After 12 years of running the business I changed some things, adapted, modified my behaviour. Most importantly I changed my mindset. 

Five days after receiving this award I am now proud of it. 

It’s proof that I can change, grow, learn, modify, adapt. 

That when you put your mind to it anything is possible. 

So Matt and Lisa – thank you 😊 


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