The Unicorn Story

A good book by Lilly – aged 8

The unicorn story

One day there lived a lonely unicorn it did not have friends “there’s nothing to do every day! It bad bad BAD! I’m lonely all the time it just…..” And then he heard a mean and growling voice unicorn hid between jarses and then he talked”I am going to take over the WORLD OF UNICORNS! Unicorn just then knew how it was I…t I……s laver UNICORN the baddest unicorn off all! Him him! That’s BAD all BAD she whispered to her self then she RAN out! She ran and ran! She got home to Mrs Unicorn and Mr Unicorn she told them what happened they were sad that he was going to take over the world! They thought to make an anoucment to the unicorns and then Unicorn told stardust her friend and Blue berry her friend she did that and thought to go out and find laver Unicorn to find inforemason she went to find him not true he found them! He took blue berry! NO! Don’t get our friend YEER! Shouted! You two get her back he said well were telling the city that you are taking over unicorn LAND! How do you know!!!!! I heard YOU I hid in the jarses next to YOU! That’s bad he said to his laver dog it’s bad is in it! WOOOOOOOF! The laver dog woofed they battled the unicorn team won! Give blue berry BACK! OK! As you won! I don’t like you then laver unicorn had no power after that! The END!


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