Please – protect yourself, protect your family and protect your FB friends. 


Please be security conscious when using FB.

Yesterday we had a ‘situation’. It was one of those times when one thing led to another which led to another. Thankfully there was no nasty outcome but there could have been….

Before bed we lock the door, close windows, lock the car, know where our keys and purse/wallet are – subconsciously we are making ourselves and our family safe.

FB is public – and the scope of the public is millions. It’s a game of numbers so there are going to be people who are trying to scam you. The obvious FB scam is your identity.

  • Regularly check your security settings.

FB changes all the time. It is constantly growing and evolving and with that our security may be compromised. Personally, I go in and check it out every other month and update my settings. There is always something that has changed, and then I change it back.  Go to the arrow on the top right of your screen and in the drop down box you will see Privacy Settings.

  • Be aware of the information you are broadcasting to the FB world.

We don’t tend to stand on street corners and call out our date of birth, the name of our first teacher/pet/car, our mums maiden name. These are all security questions used by other companies and institutions we do business with. Those posts that ask questions about your history were not designed by your friends to know more about you. That’s what coffee catch ups, and dinner nights are for. Those posts were designed by hackers – it’s a trap…..

  • Before accepting any friend request have a look at the profile.

How long have they been on FB? How many posts are there? How many friends do they have? How many mutual friends do they have?

A good hacker will use the name of one of your friends and may already have your friends on their friend list. No one sets up a new profile – EVER!

If someone came to your front door and looked like a friend but was dressed differently, walked differently, had a different voice you wouldn’t let them in, would you? Check out the profile and if it doesn’t look right delete the request.

  • Never give away your personal information via FB messenger.

Sounds pretty obvious but hackers are good at what they do and what they want to do is steal your identity. The will pretend to be your friend and have ways to get you to hand over details. Things like “Do you mind if I have a parcel dropped off at your place? I just need your Driver’s Licence number, so they can check.” Of course, you want to help your friend. Instead pick up the phone and call the person who is asking you.

  • We need to be vigilant.

Put together a security plan. Just like you do before you go to bed. Before long, it will become second nature. If you see something suspicious on a ‘friends’ FB profile or have a strange request let the real FB friend know. There is every chance someone is using their FB page. It’s the same scenario if you knew that there was someone inside your friend’s house. You wouldn’t walk on by. You would sound the alarm, make some noise, turn the lights on. Frighten the burglar off – they will run if they think they will be caught.

Please – protect yourself, protect your family and protect your FB friends.


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