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I have been a ‘book worm’ for as long as I can remember.  I was 8 or 9 years old when I did my first M.S. Read-a-thon.  For me reading was incredibly powerful. It was a way to escape, have adventures, learn about life and the world around me.  I remember my Grade 3 Teacher sending me home with a book to read over night. The next day she asked me lots of questions about the story. Even then I knew that she didn’t believe that I had read it – of course I had!

I had a room of my own and would go to bed early, curl up with my book and enter this magical world I had discovered. At bed time Mum or Dad would come in and tell me to turn the light off and go to sleep. My response was often “Can I finish my chapter?”.  What parent would deny a child that option! When I could hear their snores I would read many more chapters!

A book, a novel – became my constant companion. In my 30’s I discovered Self-Development books. Recently single and curious about how our relationship had broken down (was it all my fault?), I was intrigued. At that time, I would find the Self-Development section without asking anyone – it was a time when self-help books had a negative stigma attached to them. Thank goodness that’s changed!

These days I read both. Self-Development books help encourage action and faith. They help my personal growth and inspire me to be a better person. Novels let my imagination run wild, are a source of escape from the normal day to day and furnace my creativity.

Have you watched the movie with Margaret Thatcher called “The Iron Lady”? There is a scene at the Doctor’s where she says –

“Watch your thoughts because they become your words.
Watch your words because they become your actions.
Watch your actions because they become your habits.
Watch your habits because they become your character.
Watch your character because it becomes your destiny. ”

For me reading encourages healthy thoughts, words, actions, habits, character and my destiny!

Every day I try to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday. This is not to say that I wasn’t awesome yesterday!  It’s just that today I can be better and tomorrow I can be even better.

If you want to be better today than yesterday, then join me to keep moving forward and be the best version of yourself possible.






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