Listen to your gut….

“What does your gut tell you?”  “What’s your gut reaction?”

Typical questions you hear when you make a decision.  Unfortunately, the belief is that if it doesn’t feel right than it’s not a good decision. Or is it?

As a child, I would always have an upset stomach before I did just about anything! First day of school every single year and every single term and I would feel sick. If by some miracle, I was actually invited to a birthday party or any other social event I would feel sick. Thankfully my mother is not the nurturing type and she would yell at me and push me out the door. Looking back that was the response I needed. It taught me that my action or behaviour wasn’t governed by my gut as my gut was always upset! It was not an indicator to be trusted!!

Three years ago, I had the privilege of attending a weekend seminar with Dr Joe Dispenza. I walked away from that seminar embracing my gut instinct. An upset stomach may be a symptom when you create change. It’s not that it’s a bad decision – it’s just stepping into the unknown.

“Crossing the river of change requires that you leave the same familiar predictable self – connected to the same thoughts, same choices, same behaviours, and same feelings – and step into a void or the unknown. The gap between the old self and the new self is the biological death of your old personality. If the old self must die, then you have to create a new self with new thoughts, new choices, new behaviours, and new emotions. Entering this river is stepping toward a new unpredictable, unfamiliar self. The unknown is the only place where you can create – you cannot create anything new from the known.” Page 64 ‘You are the Placebo’

So, next time you make a decision and decide to stay as you are because of your gut instinct. Think again – is the gut upset by the decision or is it excited about creating something new?

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