Thursday’s and Friday’s are the days that I am most likely to try and take my work home with me – which is kind of weird given that I drive a bus…. 

Over the years I have often taken my work home with me. When I worked in Administration, I would go home with thoughts of what I needed to do, who I needed to call, emails I needed to send, spreadsheets to be amended.

As a Personal Trainer I would have ideas about client’s goals and how to achieve them, options for injuries, ways to make training functional and fun.

As a Business Owner I added marketing, finances, franchisee support, weather conditions, rules and regulations – it was never ending!

I was convinced that as a Bus Driver I wouldn’t take work home with me, as there is nothing to take home! Turns out there are 3 things. As it’s always at the end of the week it’s most likely due to sleep deprivation from the 4.40am alarm. I do try to be in bed by 9pm – but that doesn’t always happen. I do try to have an afternoon nap – but that doesn’t always happen. Maybe I need to try harder… 

1. On a bus the indicator and wiper are on the left. On our car it’s the right. Driving home I occasionally turn the wipers on. Haven’t we all done that? 

2. When you stop the bus for more than 3 seconds you must pull the hand brake on. The hand brake is on the right. Often in the car I go to reach out with my right hand… Surely anyone who has driven in Europe has done that? 

3. Driving along Warrigal Road I notice the Bus Stops. If I see someone waiting, I check the mirrors, take my foot off the accelerator, gently brake and flick the indicators. Lucky they are wipers as it breaks my thoughts, makes me realise I am in my car, gives me a giggle and leaves the waiting passenger alone!! DOH!!

We’ve all tried to pick up people at the bus stop right??? 

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