Goodbye Training Wheels

After 6 weeks on my new bus route, I have finally become a grown-up bus driver!
Do you ever find yourself resisting change due to procrastination and/or fear?
Then the decision is made for you and you are forced to change?
That happened to me last week!

We have this groovy tool called BusMinder. It’s like Google Maps for Bus Drivers. When the bus is started the visual display comes on, along with the MYKI screen, then you select if you want the audio on as well. (Passengers can also view where their bus is via the Ventura Tracker app.) It provides directions, handy tips about intersections, turns, roundabouts, and lets you know when you are approaching the next Bus Stop. After the first week, I didn’t need the audio directions anymore so switched them off. I decided to keep the audio announcement on to know where the Bus Stops were. It was useful, as there is so much to focus on that the reminder was helpful to make sure I didn’t drive past a Bus Stop. I also felt that I could never remember all the Bus Stops – DOH!
Last Wednesday I turned the bus on, the MYKI screen came on but BusMinder didn’t – PANIC Stations! I phoned Control and was super glad I hadn’t used the radio as Rod ever so nicely (he is a sweetie) asked if I had turned it on… no, I hadn’t as I thought it was automatic!! I flicked the switch and turned on BusMinder and it fired up. I was so glad to see it working as I was telling myself this story about how I could never remember all the stops and I was bound to leave passengers behind. I drive “Not in Service” to Oakleigh Station and start from there. By the time I got to Oakleigh Station, BusMinder had tried to restart several times but had then closed again. I was a bit of a wreck when I realised, I would just have to do my best and remember as many as possible. That was a tough morning. Seeing passengers in the dark and picking them up, when I was also trying to find the stop was a challenge. It was even more challenging finding the Bus Stop when a passenger had hit the bell to get off – they know where the Bus Stop is but I wasn’t 100% certain. By the end of my shift, I realised that I hadn’t left anyone behind, surprisingly I could remember most of the stops, I didn’t crash or hit anything……… that I know of!

On Thursday I decided that I wouldn’t turn on the audio…. and to my surprise, I remembered the stops.

Third time lucky on Friday and I was fine.

Today was a new week and I decided that I was never going back to having the audio on. I was Doubting Donna and when forced to remember I could. It was a good reminder that often FEAR is just False Evidence Appearing Real.

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