Easter Spoiler!

As we enter the chocolate waterfall that has become Easter please remember to put some health Floaties on so you don’t get carried away by the sugar overload!

Easter Spoiler I hear you say!

If you have been focusing on your health for the last couple of months, do you really want to jeopardise it for an out of control sugar hit?


Now that I have your attention, it is only dark chocolate that has any real health benefits.

Dark Chocolate is chocolate without any milk solids added.  It’s the milk in milk chocolate that offsets any of the benefits that dark chocolate provides.

The main health benefit from eating dark chocolate is due to the antioxidant benefits. This helps protect your body from possible damage from cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure etc. To have any of the benefits from eating dark chocolate the recommended amount per week is 13 to 20 grams. The little Lindt Gold bunnies that we love are 100 grams. So break it up into 5 to 5 pieces and eat slowly……..


I doubt that I would be able to leave that bunny for 5 to 6 weeks, so let’s look at some options.

·         Go for quality chocolate. It tastes better because the ingredients are a higher quality.

·         Decide how much you are going to have and then stick to the plan. Remember that when sugar touches your tongue, it gives your taste buds a zap and sends a message to your brain for a good dopamine hit – woo hoo! Dopamine is highly addictive – it’s our reward centre. It’s the same reason we check our phones constantly for messages, check out our Facebook likes……

·         Over the next 24 hours you will come down from your sugar high and your body will want more. This is the time for a healthy plan. Be ready for it – fill up with protein. If the sugar craving is high feed it with fruit (fresh or dried). It WILL happen so be prepared.

·         Help zap some of that glucose and fructose having a party with your insides and do some exercise. Kick a ball around, go for a run, get the bike out. Whatever it is, it doesn’t really matter – moving is what is most important. 


In 2014 we were 11th on the world wide chocolate consumption list. * Switzerland leads the way with 9kg’s per person per year. Australia sits at 4.9kg’s per person per year.

That’s a lot of chocolate and a lot of damage to health.  I’m more than happy to let someone else have my share of chocolate and protect my health – what about you?




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