Driving South on Stephenson’s Road out of Mount Waverley around 8.50am, I had a cyclist just in front of my Bus. He was cruising along at around 45km/hr – so he was quick!  As there are a few Bus Stops along this part of Stephenson’s Road I decided the safest option was to sit behind him.  He crossed Waverley Road and the lights stayed green, so I crossed with him.  Here the road gently declines down towards the Monash Freeway. The cyclist started peddling extremely fast! His pace quickened to 47km/h, 50km/h, 55km/h. I was still sitting behind and had sped up on the incline as well but maintained a safe distance from him.   He then stopped peddling, lowered his upper body over the handlebars and stuck his backside up. I was instantly jealous as I love that feeling of flying along, not peddling, the wind blasting past – I could feel his bliss! And then his mobile phone came flying out of his back pocket, hit the road to the right of me and bounced a couple of times – DAMN!!

I had two thoughts and two thoughts only – stop the cyclist and keep my passengers safe!

Thankfully, no one wanted to stop at the Bus Stop just after the freeway and with relief I saw that there was no-one there. The hill then has an incline and the cyclist slowed down. Unfortunately, so did my bus! I was able to overtake him and drove to the next Bus Stop with the cyclist behind me. I stopped the Bus – handbrake, open front door, hazard lights, seat belt, driver’s door – all done in record time! I jumped out of the bus and ran to the back – damn he was not in sight. I ran to the front of the Bus and there he was – maybe 30 metres in front of the Bus. Using my voice that I could project across a football oval I yelled out to him to STOP and waved my arms like a crazy woman…which he clearly thought I was! He looked back and then in one fluid motion got off his bike, put it on the ground and stormed back to me. I started yelling out YOUR MOBILE PHONE – still waving my arms around. Finally, he heard me, touched his back pocket and his anger was gone as relief sunk in. When he got to me, I told him what had happened. He was so grateful – ran back to his bike, crossed the road, and headed back the way he had come.

I got back on the bus with adrenaline coursing though me, relief that I had stopped him. No-one on the bus even seemed to notice that they had a loud, crazy Bus Driver…..or they were too scared to look up!

As I drove off, I wondered if I had made the right decision – letting him know or letting him go. I hope he was able to retrieve his phone and I REALLY hope that I did not run it over 😊

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