About me

My top ten values are health, kindness, gratitude, honesty, integrity, loyalty, community, continuous improvement, ecological awareness and a positive attitude.

I started working as a 1-on-1 Personal Trainer, in a studio, in 2003.  I was working full-time in an administration role and doing about 15 P.T. sessions a week. It was exhausting, but the P.T. work filled my love bucket!

In 2004 at 34 years young, I purchased a Group, Outdoor, Personal Training Franchise in Cheltenham. I soon realised that training groups of people, building a community, changing people’s lives in a positive way, was exactly what I was meant to be doing.

The clients ranged from early 20’s right through to late 60’s.  After a few years, it became very clear that the “personal” part was the most important part. A lesson plan to train a 20-year-old and a 60-year-old needed to be incredibly different. Changing the session, making modifications for individuals became my focus, it also became something that I loved to do.  When a client came to me with an injury or medical background and they needed support to continue to train, I was in heaven. They would be apologising for being “troublesome”. It was far from that – it ignited my exercise imagination and I loved helping them. 

In 2014 while walking my dog at the park I met a man called Alex who was in his mid-60’s. He started talking to me about his wife and how he wanted to encourage her to move. This scrutiny went on for about 6 months before he asked me to meet his wife and talk to her about training. We met and started training shortly after.  I used my intuition, knowledge and experience to give his wife what she needed. As she was in her early 70’s, the results were slow but incredible, life-changing and empowering. I loved it so much, felt so passionate about it, I began to think that this is what I wanted to focus on.

In 2017 I found an online course that was U.S. based and became a Functional Aging Specialist. As I worked through the course, I was astounded that a lot of what I had been doing was what they outlined. That gave me confidence, improved, my knowledge base and inspired me to become a Tai Chi Instructor.

In 2019, after 15 years as a Group, Outdoor Personal Trainer I decided it was time to do something different. The new Franchise owner was not someone I could work with, so I walked away from the business. I felt broken and betrayed. It made me question if I still wanted to be a Personal Trainer.

I took some time off and started driving a bus.  I set up an online Personal Training Group and an online Tai Chi group with some long-term clients. They encouraged and supported me through a very challenging time. Then the Pandemic hit! I continued as a bus driver and taking the online training sessions.

At the end of 2020, we decided on a country change and moved to Mitchell Shire, where I was fortunate enough to get a job managing a gym. After 12 months in a gym and numerous lockdowns, I realised that managing a gym wasn’t filling my love bucket.

Now here I am – heading into 2022, going back to doing what I love.

I am a Personal Trainer who loves Tai Chi.

Helping people achieve their goals is what I am meant to be doing – it’s who I am.