50 years ago today my life changed completely!! I had been the centre of attention, the centre of my mum and dad’s universe. On the 24th February 1972, the little sister arrived!

It was probably pretty weird to start off with but then I must have realised I had someone to hang out with, play with and laugh with.

Then in 1974, another sister appeared and we were the Douglas girls. It was the 70’s – we had ABBA, purple, green and orange curtains, a big bag of lollies for 10 cents, Dr Who, Young Talent Time, knitted jumpers, Hey Hey it’s Saturday morning, Sissy Bars on our bikes, Smurfs, a puppy called Pal and if we were lucky Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs.

The 70’s became the 80’s and we had Countdown, Dirty Dancing, Pseudo Echo, Bruce Springsteen, Muppet Babies, Donkey Kong, The Princess Bride, Rubik Cubes, Xanadu, roller skates, our cats (Tiger, Blackie and Cosmo), Saturday morning milkshakes, a Commodore 64, makeup and a clothes allowance!

As kids, we fought quite a bit. On reflection we spent a lot of time together, having adventures and on holidays. Dad was always planning and dreaming about what we could do next. Weekends were filled, holidays were planned and we were always together. We had a 3 bedroom house with a lounge room and kitchen/dining area, one toilet and one bathroom. As we became teenagers that gave us a lot to argue about!

Very few of my childhood memories don’t involve Lisa and Brenda. Our lives were entwined and twisted together in so many ways.

Over the years we have ebbed and flowed around each other. My sisters are always there, we are linked by our childhood together, we have become a part of each other’s identity and who we are. I can be completely honest and authentic with my sisters, as they have known me their whole life. The worst thing they can say is “I’ll tell Dad on you.”

Fifty years later I appreciate that I scored big that day. I got a little sister, I also got a friend. Have a beautiful day sis 😍

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