Had my 13 week assessment yesterday and they asked me back today, so I must have passed 😄
Driving a bus is fun and boring, challenging and routine.
The actual driving is probably the easy bit. The 3 week training and induction program was intense but prepared me well. The regular performance assessments help keep me on track.
Ventura are a fantastic company to work for. They really look after and support their drivers. The other drivers are awesome – so welcoming and considerate.
The really hard bit is staying focused and present through the whole shift. Some mornings it’s like a really long meditation! Focus on the road, traffic, passengers, stops and starts, crazy drivers, pot holes… the list is endless 😱
It’s been a strange career shift and not really one that I picked – one that was almost forced on me as I couldn’t find anything else. At the end of the day it gives me a reason to get up in the morning, gives me something to focus on, I have a laugh with my colleagues and the uniform is pretty comfy 😂

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